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    Whoa House diamond painting is an easy and enjoyable activity for craft lovers. The diamond painting uses tiny “diamond”-like drills to create colorful designs and patterns for finished designs that sparkle. 

    Applying the rhinestones is a simple three-step process that is meditative and relaxing, providing hours of enjoyment as you re-create your design. The larger the design canvas, the more detail in the final product. All of the designs are full coverage which means that the whole design is made up of rhinestones.

    Size: 16*20 inches (40*50cm)

    Diamond Shape: Square or Round Diamonds

    Package includes:
    3*premium adhesive canvas
    3*set of packaged diamonds
    3*organizing tray
    3*clay (for pick up diamonds by diamond pen)

    Note: This is a DIY diamond painting, not finished. Have fun DIY your own artwork! 

    DIY Diamond Painting Steps:
    1. Unpack the diamond painting kit.
    2. Apply wax on a diamond pen.
    3. Unpack the diamond to the corresponding symbol.
    4. Pick up a diamond by diamond
    5. Match diamond to symbols.
    6. Well done and frame your work!

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